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CELEBRATE 100 Years! The Oklahoma Service Foundation plans to celebrate 100 Years with fellow Lions at the 2017 Oklahoma Lions State Convention as well at the International Lions Convention in July of 2017 in Chicago, Ill. For more on the convention go to:

Lions Clubs International Centennial Service Challenge encourages Lions to serve 100+ million people over the course of the Centennial Celebration through projects focusing on youth, hunger, vision and environment. For more on the Centennial Celebration:

Oklahoma Lions Service Programs: The Oklahoma Lions Eye Bank, Meadows of Hope, and the Mobile Health Screening Unit have been the primary state level programs. The Pediatric Eye Screening Unit is also an Oklahoma Lions project thanks to Tom Cummings who has been instrumental in launching this program! The program was approved January 17, 2017 and has a webpage under OLSF programs.

Mobile Health Screening Unit (MHSU) performed well the last few years. From July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2015, a total of 2344 individuals were tested with 7217 total tests performed. The average failure rate was 32.49%.  From July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016 the unit 1386 Individuals screened with 9110 Total Tests performed. The average failure rate was 29%. This same year we had over 88,592 volunteer hours. FYI  2015-16 Total Tests-  9110 Total Failure Rate 30%, Total Volunteer Hours 88,592  Worth more than $1,325.880 (according to the Volunteer Center of Ok). For this year starting July 1, 2016 the Total Tests were 8005 and the Total Failure Rate was also 30%. The total Volunteer Hours were 57,477, valued at $862,155. And we have 3 more busy months left in the year!

This reveals the need to continue testing for indicators of more serious problems. 


OLSF has been honored to have a wonderful Driver, Keven Cody, to manage, train, and keep the unit up to date. Keven is a Westside OKC Lion and also works for the Edmond Public Schools. Keven has worked many hours (of his own time) to clean, repair, and even obtain other sponsors for the unit.  He is also working on the weekends to refurbish the unit to give it a cleaner more sterile appearance. The MHSU is desperately needing a "face lift". We need funds for operations and to continue to remodel the Trailer. We have an RV Company that will do the labor - if we can raise the materials of $6100. Lets make it happen!!!!

Keven takes the time to make everyone feel comfortable as well as visit with those who come in for testing. He stresses the importance of lifesaving tests and listens to many heart breaking stories. He also listens to the success stories of those tested after visiting their local physicians.

The MHSU was honored in the Oklahoma City Community Foundation’s (OCCF) annual publication featured here. We are in great need for MHSU support!

It costs approximately $30 dollars per person to be tested in the MHSU. We have increased club visits and volunteers who have tested countless people who did not know they had serious health issues.  Please consider a gift of health to support at least one person for testing! You can donate straight from the website on the Health Screening page. Thank you to all the Lions Clubs who sponsored the unit this year!

Ok Lions Boys Ranch Meadows of Hope, have major donors (1000K or over) who have encouraged others to support the Foster Care Program and establish an endowment at OCCF.  This includes Paul Milburn, Deane Wymer, John Bode, and Kinder Dozer have all been instrumental in launching this forward. OLBRMOH now has the opportunity for a matching grant each year thanks to Lion Paul Milburn. He had the estate set aside 250K each year to match dollar for dollar to go towards the direct support of these foster care children. Your gifts can now be doubled thanks to the generosity of this man.

Ok Lions Eye Bank has also been blessed to have Lori Miller who is launching the Eye Bank forward with new in-house technology to advance techniques forward and gain funding streams. Supporters like: Anna-Faye Rose, Russel Brawley, Nicolas Martinez-Lopez, and the Estate of Charlene Nall along with OKC Downtown LC and other Lions Clubs have been instrumental in the growth of OLEB. Lions have raised the $75,000 to match the LCIF grant to implement this new technology. They are now underway in assembling the Clean Room in the lab at the OLEB location!  

Clean Room

Oklahoma Lions Celebrate 100 years! The MD3-K & L combined Convention in Ardmore, Oklahoma celebrated with Lions International President Chancellor Bob Corlew in February of 2017.

Committed To helping

The 2017-18 Cowboy Cadillac Fundraiser is off to a great start again! CC packets were handed out at after the June 2017 BOD meeting at the OKC Westside Town Hall. Those packets that were not handed out were mailed the following week. If you do not get a packet, please call the state office and we will send one to you. We hope this years will grow even more to support these wonderful Lions Programs!

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