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Lions Plate

The Oklahoma Lions Service Foundation has other ongoing fundraisers as well as periodic fundraisers for short term needs. Currently, Ok Lions have ongoing fundraisers like the License Plate Fundraiser. When you buy a new license plate for your vehicle with the Lions Symbol on it, Oklahoma Tax Commission deposits $10 into our account at the Service Foundation. If you are interested go to:

You get to proudly display your Lionism efforts as well as give to a Lions Program. In addition, Ok Lions have been collecting used cell phones and ink cartridges. Cell phones are recycled and parts used for other items so as not to fill up the land fills with non-biodegradable materials. Good for the environment and for OLSF.

Lions Patch

We also have a recycling program for ink cartridges. Lions clubs from all over the state bring their used ink cartridges to the state office where Onyx Corporation picks them up for refurbishing and refill. These cartridges are also donated to OLSF by several business and corporations like Tinker Federal Credit Union. Last year FY 2015-16 we have received $3500 in funds from this effort.

This year since July 1, 2017 we have received almost $2200 from recycling ink cartridges! Thank you to everyone who make it possible to save the planet with environmentally friendly practices and also save lives through these funds!