Mobile Health Screening Unit Refurbishing

Mobile Health Screening Unit Refurbishing

The MHSU has been operated by the Lions of Oklahoma for nearly 19 years, and is managed by the OLSF. 

The Mobile Health Screening Unit was patterned after the Nebraska Mobile Health Screening Unit in 1998 based on the history and an article written by the Daily Oklahoman (Lions Put Health Screening Unit on Road for Oklahoma. 1998. Klinka, News OK.

The Nebraska unit has been updated three (3) times since inception and is currently a strong program. The unit tests in partnership with public schools and corporations and now runs an express van.

Nebraska video with updates and news:
The MHSU is reserved by clubs throughout the state, and offers free health screenings to Oklahomans. Since its beginning, the Lions of Oklahoma have screened over 84,000 in a variety of tests, with over 30% of them failing one or more tests. 

MHSU 2015-16 Total Tests- 9110 
Total Failure Rate 29% 
Total Volunteer Hours 88,592 valued at more than $1,325.880
(according to the Volunteer Center of Ok).
MHSU 2016-2017 Total Tests 9380  
Total Failure Rate: 30%
Total Volunteer Hours 2,221 valued at almost $50 thousand dollars! 
This reveals the need to continue testing for indicators of more serious problems. 
The Oklahoma Lions Mobile Health Screening Unit is desperately needing refurbishing and funds for operation. OLSF has applied for grant funding however, the need for funds relies on Lions support as well. It only costs an average of $30 per person for supplies for testing and average of thirty percent of tests show a significant health concern. Individuals have reported the Unit as saving their lives and are grateful to Oklahoma Lions for maintaining this unit. If all Lions just gave 5$ to the unit we could get the unit refurbished and have funds left over for another year’s operations.
The MHSU desperately need the trailer remodeled. Lions would like to see more symbolism for Lions Club's and not just the sponsors. McClain’s RV is negotiating a price with a large reduction in the labor cost if we provide the material cost of $6100.

Let's keep this unit on the road testing to save lives! 
Please give today!

MHSU Matching Funds Campaign Drive!

Thanks to many generous Lions, we have had some funds come in and we are able to start some of the interior remodeling.
The OLSF MHSU also had a generous offer from a Stillwater Lions Club Member, John Mills who will match funds up to $1000 raised by individual lions for this cause. We have had other Lions who have come forth to donate $1000 each. They are Jacque Mooney, Cannon Honda, Joshua Busby and Douglas Emde. Thank you all for encouraging other Lions to give! 
Thank you to those who have given to this campaign so far:
Lion Gary Taylor 
Lion Kerwin Alexander
Langston City Lions Club -all 35 members!
PID George Hazelbaker
Lion Barbara Swineford
Sue Thompson
District 3-H, 3-0, 3-L 
Tulsa McCullough LC 
Laverne Lions Club
NW OKC Lions Club
Nancy Cook-senn 
Shawnee Lions Club
Stillwater Noon Lions Club
Cannon Honda - Ponca City
Rohlman Welding Service
Ponca City Noon Lions Club- members raised almost $400
Dolores Turner
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