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Building the Foundation

Building the Foundation is an additional fundraising campaign to enable Lion members to carry on the mission of Lionism through monthly giving. Your pledge provides a foundation of support to help Oklahoma Lions Service Projects. These projects meet the needs of individuals who desperately need assistance all over the State of Oklahoma. A simple gift of $10 per month is suggested, but any contribution is appreciated. The easiest method is an automatic draft performed monthly from a donor checking account with a designated amount. This can also be sent through checks and performed monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. Building the Foundation helps to support continual funding and provides security for Lions Programs. 

Cowboy Cadillac Fundraiser

Oklahoma Lions Clubs participate in an annual Cowboy Cadillac Fundraiser each year to help support Lions Clubs statewide projects. Proceeds from the raffle help support the Oklahoma Lions Boys Ranch/ Meadows of Hope and the Oklahoma Lions Eye Bank.
A participating dealership SPONCOR usually hosts the event on the first week of December to give away a new truck. Thus, the title “Cowboy Cadillac”. Tickets for the raffle are distributed to the clubs in August and sold through the end of November. There are prizes drawn each year for each participating district. Oklahoma currently has 5 districts.
Traditionally Lions club members sell raffle tickets to family, friends, and at local convenience stores to help with the annual fundraiser.
Tickets stubs are securely transported to the drawing location and are placed in a large tumbling bin. The winning tickets are read off at the site. Winners do not need to be present to win. Winners are notified via phone, and given the options for the vehicle. Winning taxes must be paid by the winner and insurance verification presented prior to taking possession of the vehicle.
Oklahoma Lions Clubs are a group of men and women who identify needs within the community and work together to fulfill those needs. It is that simple! The motto “WE SERVE” is apparent through the important work completed in each community.

White Cane Fundraiser

The Lions Service Foundation supports a yearly White Cane event each year to encourage Lions Club members to raise awareness and funds to support sight related projects. The history and purpose of White Cane began October 6, 1964, in an effort to make Americans more aware of the meaning of the White Cane and the need for motorists to exercise special care towards the person who carries it. The US Congress approved a resolution authorizing the President of the United States to annually issue a proclamation designating October 15 as National White Cane Safety Day. Since that time, the National Federation for the Blind (NFB) has established the third week in May as White Cane Week. This week concentrates on raising public awareness towards the efforts, hopes, aspirations, and goals of the blind.
The Lions of Oklahoma would like to keep this tradition alive and raise funds and awareness for sight related projects. Each spring, usually in April, The Lions Service Foundation encourages every Lions Club in Oklahoma to be a part of this tradition and host a specific White Cane project. The proceeds raised through the Oklahoma Lions Service Foundation help support the Oklahoma Lions Eye Bank.
While members are raising awareness they also encourage community education for blindness. Lions Clubs International Foundation save sight resulting from river blindness; Oklahoma Lions Eye Bank (OLEB) have helped people regain their eyesight because of the cornea tissue provided by the OLEB.
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