Fellowship Awards

Oklahoma Lions Service Foundation Fellowships and Awards

Oklahoma Lions Fellowship Awards

Each year during the annual State Convention, the Oklahoma Lions Service Foundation awards the following fellowship awards to members who have partnered with the foundation to support Lions projects within the preceding year. The following Fellowship Awards recognize members who have contributed, or had contributions made in their name. Cowboy Cadillac ticket sales are counted towards the total.

Platinum - Judge Edgar S.Vaught  $1000.00 Award

Lions sixth International President (1922-23), Judge Edgar S. Vaught was a native Virginian, but moved to Oklahoma in 1901, to become head of the Oklahoma School system (The LION-January 1960). He served as the superintendent of Oklahoma City schools from 1902 until 1906. In the latter year he was admitted to the Oklahoma Bar and began to practice law. He became a United States District Court Judge appointed by President Coolidge in 1929 retiring in 1956. He was the only appointed District Judge until Alfred P. Murrah,1937. He was involved in various civic clubs, however Lions held his greatest and deepest interest. He served as President of the Oklahoma City Lions club for the term 1921-22 and was a delegate to the annual Lions International Convention in Oakland. His personal capacities were well attested by the circumstances that surrounded the “political upset” election honoring him as the 1922-23 Lions Clubs International President without serving in the prior capacity, as senior Vice President. Until his death, his interest in Lions and service was one of his personal greatest joys. The Lions Club Health Camp for youth in Northeast Oklahoma City brought him abiding pleasure (Shirk, George H., Year unknown. The Chronicles of Oklahoma. Judge Edgar S. Vaught).

Gold - Dr. Bob McCullough $500.00 Award

Dr. Robert D. McCullough Fellowship award is given to individuals who have contributed or had contributions made in their name of at least $500. An osteopathic physician and surgeon, Dr. Bob received his doctorate from Kansas City College of Osteopathy and Surgery. He joined the Muskogee Lions Club in 1941 and then transferred to the Downtown Lions Club in 1943 where he maintained perfect attendance. Dr. Bob was elected Third International Vice-President in 1967 during the 50th annual International Convention in Chicago and as International President in Atlantic City, New Jersey, in 1970. His history of dedication to Lions includes his service as District Governor and two-year term on the International Board of Directors where he served as a member of the Executive Committee. He was the recipient of a Master Key Award, six International President's Awards, and the Ambassador of Good Will Award.

Silver - Louis Lackey $250.00 Fellowship Award

Louis B. Lackey began his association with Lions Clubs in 1960 when he joined the Midwest City Lions Club. In 1979, he became the first District Governor of the newly formed District 3-N. In 1982, he was elected as both the State Secretary of the Lions of Oklahoma and the Executive Director of the OLSF. During his over 40 years of dedicated service, he has received three International Presidents Awards, four Presidential Citations, eight Extension Awards, and a Senior Master Key.

Lions Legacy Membership

The Lions Legacy members are those Lions that give or have given to the Endowment or Trust which provides an annual distribution to the Service Foundation. This allows the Foundation to have security for operations based on its investments and releases donor dollars to be used for pragmatic activities. This also includes those individuals who have committed to include the foundation as a beneficiary of their estate. This Legacy program is dedicated to those Lions, who have given of their volunteer time and service for many years, now living on in a legacy through a continuing contribution forever!
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