Legacy Giving

Change Begins with You

Help make a difference by supporting community projects and fund-raising campaigns developed and hosted by the Oklahoma Lions Service Foundation of Oklahoma City. We are committed to enhancing our communities.


We accept donations of cash, printer cartridges, cell phones, automobiles, to raise funds for state projects. Monetary donations can be made through PayPal™, check, or over the phone. We accept eyeglass donations through the Lions Clubs of Oklahoma for the Lions State Recycling Program. 

Lions Club's Membership

Call us today to become a member! There is no time commitment required. Dues are based on location and will be discussed in a face-to-face meeting.

Building the Foundation

Building the Foundation is an additional fundraising campaign to help members carry on the mission of Lionism through monthly giving. The easiest method is an automatic draft performed monthly from a checking account with a donor designated amount. However, this can be done through automatic withdrawals or checks and performed monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. Each Lion is encouraged to give at least $10 a month to help support state projects but many give more

Community Projects

OLSF support is accomplished through a variety of projects, most notably our two annual fund-raising campaigns: White Cane and Cowboy Cadillac. During White Cane, club members throughout the state bring awareness about the visually impaired to the public and ask for charitable donations.

Organizational Transparency

Oklahoma City Community foundation provides a free web-based program to potential donors called "Give Smart". Potential donors can access nonprofit organization details on governance, management, financials, and programs in an effort to empower and enrich charitable giving.

Cowboy Cadillac

The Cowboy Cadillac is our premiere fund-raising project. We receive more donations to support the Oklahoma Lions Eye Bank and the Oklahoma Lions Meadows of Hope than anything else we do. These foundations restore hope and give abused and neglected children a chance at life again through our foster care community.
Club members throughout the state sell raffle tickets in their communities to those hoping to win the grand prize: a new, 2015 truck! Our goal is to raise $100,000. We are encouraging each member to set a goal of collecting $30 in donations or through the raffle this fall.
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