About Us

About Us

The Oklahoma Lions Service Foundation (OLSF) was created in 1974 to serve as the primary fundraising branch for the two Lions Clubs state projects, the Oklahoma Lions Boys Ranch and the Oklahoma Lions Eye Bank. 

Lions Clubs and members from all over the state of Oklahoma are given the opportunity to provide a charitable gift to either statewide project. In addition, other donors with the same mission can partner with the Lions clubs to assist in the endeavor to bring health, family, and community programs to Oklahoma recipients. 

What are Lions Clubs? Lions clubs are a group of men and women who identify needs within the community and work together to fulfill those needs. It is that simple! The motto “WE SERVE” is apparent through the important work completed in each community. Lions Club International is the world’s largest service club organization with nearly 1.3 million members in approximately 45,000 clubs in 200 countries and geographical areas around the world. 

Since 1917, Lions clubs have aided the visually impaired, performed community service, and empowered youth throughout the world. For more information about Lions Clubs International, please visit the Website at www.lionsclubs.org.

The Mobile Health Screening Unit (MHSU) is operated and managed through the Oklahoma Lions Service Foundation. Local Lions Clubs of Oklahoma reserve the unit to offer free health screenings to Oklahoma residents with a variety of tests. For over 15 years the MHSU has been the first place many visit because of health or financial related issues. 

Over 86,000 tests have been performed, with over half the individuals tested failing one or more tests. This project is funded primarily through grants from corporate partners, and we hope to expand the service to get into more under-served parts of the community (e.g. low-income housing areas, rural areas with little access to health care). We also offer direction to patients through a resource guide that helps them follow-up with health care. This is especially needed for those who do not have health insurance.

The Service Foundation has two main annual fundraising campaigns each year. The White Cane and Cowboy Cadillac campaign. During White Cane, clubs throughout the state perform various public awareness efforts as well as solicit for funds to support those Oklahomans in need of cornea transplants.

The Cowboy Cadillac Campaign is an annual state-wide raffle, held every fall. Club members throughout the state sell raffle tickets in hopes of giving a needy recipient a new Ford F150 pickup truck. Thus, the reason for it being called “Cowboy Cadillac”. Tickets are sold from August through September and the raffle held at an Oklahoma sponsored dealership on the showroom floor usually in December. 

Legacy Planned Giving encourages individuals to think about how they want their assets distributed. Estate planned giving enables the owner to provide for others and leave a legacy for many years to come. A Charitable bequest in a will or trust is one of the simplest ways to make an estate gift.


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