Cowboy Cadillac

Cowboy Cadillac Annual Fundraiser!

2016 Cowboy Cadillac Win-Win for Oklahoma Lions!

Oklahoma Lions had a great time at Wilmes Ford in Altus on Saturday, December 10th, 2-16. The Altus Lions Club were wonderful hosts with a breakfast with Santa and selling tickets at the dealership. Oklahoma Lion Delegates from District 3L: PDG Lora Blanton, PDG Sue Thompson, VCC PDG Karen Blanton, and the current 3-L DG Dan Ferrell were great representatives. Altus President Vicki King and Santa Claus were warm and welcoming, as well as incredible sellers! Thanks to all the Lions who came and worked on the event! These funds go to help Lions State projects!
The Grand Prize Cowboy Cadillac Winner! Our Own OLSF President Terry Woodruff, who took the 20K instead of the truck and pledged $5000.00 immediately to the Ok Lions Meadows of Hope. Debbie Woodruff was at the OLBR MOH Christmas Party to announce the donation!
Alternative Winners of the 48” Samsung Television, 3-A Bill Thomason, 3-K Dian Proctor, 3-H James Phillips, 3-O Phil Gelwick, 3-L Ray Huerta from Altus, and an additional winner B.L. Hattes!
The event was very well publicized in several Newspaper articles and LIVE on Facebook on the D-3L and 3-H Facebook pages. The radio announcer from 107.9 in Altus did 2 minute spots 3 times an hour helping to sell an additional $880 the morning of the drawing! Thanks to Wilmes Ford staff and Dave Madl who organized the publicity focusing on the good work of Oklahoma Lions. It was truly a blessed day!
We have recorded over $73,461.00 so far in sales with many clubs selling this year that had not the past two years. Thank you all who sold and worked hard this year to bless the OK Lions State Projects!
The Top selling club this year again per capita is Garber LC with the top seller being Elmo Castle. This club set District 3-A in the top place for district sales per capita as well! Way to go Garber with only 17 members they had $5,730 in ticket sales.
First place in 3-L was Altus LC with a total of $4,470 as well as being the CC Host Club! First place in 3-H was Edmond LC, 3-K first place club winner was Wewoka LC. Finally, D 3-O first place winner was Bartlesville Limestone with only 5 members and selling $530. These smaller clubs are incredible!
Thanks to all the Oklahoma Lion Members who participated in this annual Fundraising event. We will be sending out Cowboy Cadillac Pins soon. If you would like for me to come present them and talk about OLSF please call. I would love to come visit!
Happy New Year!
Marie F. Burns
Cowboy Cadillac 2015-16 News 
Congratulations to the Winners of 2015-16 year Cowboy Cadillac! The Grand Prize went to James Tittle from Norman, Oklahoma. James won the 2015 Ford F150 Truck! OLSF also had 5 winners from each district that won an Apple iPad Mini. These winners are: 3-O Cary McElrath, 3-K Cloye Thompson, 3-L Dan Farrell, , 3-A D Merrill, 3-H Jed Ball. Thank you to all the Lions who showed up to support the event. We had a great time with the Lions from North Enid, Garber, and clubs from all over the State. We had Lion members from all over the state who drove from as far as even Coalgate! To every club member who worked on this years fundraiser, "Thank You" for your participation in supporting the Meadows of Hope and the Eye Bank. We are privileged to be a part of these wonderful State projects. It was an honor to represent the Oklahoma Lions Service Foundation!. Thank you to our 1st Vice President Terry Woodruff for leading this endeavor and Chairing this years event! It has been a pleasure to work along side you and the Cowboy Cadillac Committee. We look forward to next years event!


  • 15% off club sales are awarded to the TOP-SELLING CLUB in the State.
  • 10% of club sales are awarded to the remaining 4 TOP-SELLING CLUBS in each District (per capita of club membership). 
  • 2016 LIONS Cowboy Cadillac Pin (new design) to each Lion with a  minimum of $30 in ticket sales.
  • Special Recognition to Top-Selling Lion in the State. 
  • All individual sales will go toward a Louis Lackey Fellowship ($250) or Dr. Bob McCullough Fellowship ($500), and a Special $1000 Award to those over ($1000) in sales. These will be awarded at the end of the fiscal year based on a combination of individual contributions, Cowboy Cadillac ticket sales, and Building the Foundation contributions.
Thank you all for your participation in the Cowboy Cadillac Fundraiser! We hope this years will be even bigger and better than last year!
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